The company

Mixall was born in 1999, after a twenty-year-long entrepreneurial experience in the field of the metal windows and doors. The choice of the name identifies the company as designer of mixed systems for the construction of windows in aluminium-wood.

The first systems were already shown at the beginning of 2000 at the SAIE DUE fair in Bologna. Since that moment the system Linea 80 was born for the Italian market and, later, the systems Linea 90 and Linea 100TT were created, with innovative concepts and high thermal insulation, studied, in particular, for the market of cold countries.

In 2002, Mixall decided, thanks to its big international success, to complete the range with 2 sliding systems for windows and doors, in aluminium-wood.

In 2003, the innovative system SKATTO was introduced: a system which allows to link the wood profile to the bearing structure in aluminium with elastic joint, without using sealants, but thanks to a system of mechanical (releasing) link covered by invention patent. The system Dream 70 was born in 2004, fully made of aluminium, with thermal brake, with very harmonious and dynamic shapes, suitable for every kind of building, both residential and industrial.

The constant success demanded a restoration: therefore, in 2005, Mixall widened its factory, adding a new warehouse and a new building for the offices, with a total area of 6000m² covered.

Furthermore, in 2005, the spirit of innovation which has always characterized the company led to the creation of 3 new systems in aluminium-wood: Luna, Perla, and Porta. Luna and Perla for all the casement windows and doors, while Porta is the new system for main entrance doors.

In 2007 Mixall took steps for restyling Dream 70 and, because of the recent norms, introduced the new Dream 80 to fulfil the needs of thermal insulation. Thanks to the success in East Europe, Mixall presented for the first time its own systems at the international fairs MosBuild in Moscow, Construct Expo in Bucharest, and Construma in Budapest.

In 2010, at Made Expo in Milano, Mixall exhibited the new systems for lift & slide windows and doors in aluminium-wood (AS200) and in aluminium (AS170). In the same year the products were shown at the fair Big5 in Dubai. At the end of the year Mixall decided to create a new showroom inside the main building in Udine.

Since 2012 the range of window&door systems is completely renovated, with new systems of series Extreme and Dream, made in aluminum / wood and thermal break aluminum, at the top of their respective categories for performance, and with the unique design Mixall. On consequence of the national and international presentations (Klimainfisso, MADE, MosBuild, Frontale), the success of the new products promotes the acquisition of new markets strategically significant.

Today Mixall Group is a reality of success, both in Italy and in many countries abroad, with ambitious goals of international growth, ready for all the challenges of a dynamic market.