The policy for quality, coherently with the corporate choice to create an integrated system of management, covers all the fields of the company.
MIXALL GROUP is an agile and dynamic company, which finds an element of power in its quickness of change and in its strong ability of innovation.
The making process of new products is fundamental and represents, in this sense, the heart of the company.

The aim of MIXALL GROUP is to guarantee to its customers the reliability in the renewal.

Because of it, MIXALL GROUP has developed special procedures to guarantee that all the stages of the carrying out of the product, from the design to the validation of the system, up to the promotion and the sales assistance, are planned and led respecting the times and the goals established.

Particular attention is dedicated to the planning procedure of the designing developed by Mixall Group.
A remarkable effort has been done to canalize the powerful creative energies which, up to the present day, have guaranteed the success of the brand MIXALL GROUP. Through an analysis of the process of realization of the new products, of the possible mistakes, of the risks and from the past data of the company, that process has become systematic and controlled.

MIXALL GROUP is a customer-oriented company.
The customer satisfaction is the most important thing in the policy of MIXALL GROUP: the commercial success depends on it.
In order to improve the satisfaction, it is necessary to be able to measure it, knowing the perception that the customers have of the company organization and of the products supplied. For this reason, MIXALL GROUP has activated an integrated system to learn the level of satisfaction of the customers, which is constantly monitored and updated.

Furthermore, MIXALL GROUP controls the standards and the productive parameters and supplies a careful service of qualified and professional assistance.